. . . Re-wilding the future starts with the simple act of planting a seed . . .


A youth initiative in partnership with Academia Jovenil Artes Y Cultura (AJAC) that uses art as the method for youth to express creatively and collaboratively the experiences that WildPlaces offers them in the outdoors.

Sequoia Roots Corp

A jobs-creation program consisting of highly trained outdoor leaders whose expertise in the wild allow completion of the critical and often difficultprojects. This combination of conservation Corps plus community volunteering ensures that field projects are completed thoroughly and safely, while allowing space for less skilled/trained volunteers to contribute.

Immersed in the Wild

Brings youth and volunteers on multi-day backpacking trips into the wilds, where they engage in facilitated sessions addressing culture identity, nature ethic, and critical thinking.   Deepening environmental knowledge through hands-on engagement, social justice dialogue, and learning about nonviolence and empowerment, volunteers become credible witnesses and change agents.

Río Limpio

Addresses overuse and environmental degradation on regional rivers. Currently, there is a wide-spread decline in personal responsibility, understanding, and reverence for rivers and the free services provided to people (air and water, for example) and this program attempts to change the mindset of the people and their relation to rivers.

Sequoia Advocacy

A rapid-response effort to stop the current Trump administration proposal to reduce the size and protections from resource extraction of the Giant Sequoia National Monumentis now a long-term effort to lead mass mobilization campaigns, and build coalitions between diverse stakeholders to prevent attempts to strip protections of public lands.


Whether it’s a holiday, Mother’s Day, birthday, or any day, give the gift of a Sequoia which is an incredibly unique experience that people will remember you by. Help support the Sequoia program while giving a gift that will last for thousands of years! 

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