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February 23, 2018

Re: Crossing Barriers to the Environment Symposium Invitation Letter

Dear friends and all relations,

Some of you know WildPlaces, while others do not. We hope this invite inspires you to lesarn more about our clever and adaptable organization. By attending “Crossing Barriers”, you will.  We are confident that as friends or soon-to-be friends, we have at least one thing in common – a vision for a better tomorrow.  WildPlaces acknowledges you with much gratitude for  holding a vision that speaks to an equitable and fair future, and for the trust you have placed in WildPlaces to do the same. 

WildPlaces’ works to restore and protect Mother Earth and communities by offering safe, beneficial, and fun hands-on activities that inspire reverence and sense of protection for  Nature. Our founder, Mehmet McMillan sees WildPlaces as a tool or a platform that offers, as the poet Gary Synder describes, a “sense of place” that is entitled to us all--wild, perfect, and truly free. It is the one solution, he says, that heals and restores us, sparks more from our social movements, and allows personal responsibility of the land and waters by which we live, work, and play.

Now, a deeper exploration of it may be useful; hence Crossing Barriers Symposium is offered to all.

To that end, you are invited to participate in the symposium. We envision it as an exploration into why our peoples are not engaging in outdoors recreation and stewardship, and how we can keep space for it in work, education, and health. Why is it, for example, that many have lost the ability, the interest, and perhaps resources to go to the source of all creation stories?  To recreate, rejuvenate and reconnect in any wild setting guarantees health, spirit, reverence, and self-reliance-essential tools needed in troubled times.

This first annual symposium:

1) Starts with the stories of you – what you as individuals, organizations, classrooms, and families experienced in outdoor activities …with or without WildPlaces as your guide.

2) Takes these experiences collectively to create a blueprint for communities to engage in public lands both as visitor and change agent; and finally,

3) Identify solutions to overcome the barriers preventing many in Central Valley communities from accessing National Parks, National Forests, National Monuments, or any open natural space.   

The interactive discussions will cover updates on adapting to drought and climate, strengthening public land management policy, and identify how the loss of the connection with Nature is seen within communities. Hopefully, a balance of attendees will hold space for both those steeped in the experience of the wild and those who haven’t yet introduced themselves to the southern Sierra Nevada, our closest mountain neighbor.

 Thank you for consideration of this free event. Please RSVP soon. Questions? and 559.539.5263.


D. Mehmet McMillan                      Claudia de la Rosa

Founder, WildPlaces                    Media/Marketing, WildPlaces