The Tule and Kern Rivers are the life, beauty, and legacy of this region — these rivers need our help!

Heavy visitor use, disrespectful actions of a few, climate change, drought, poor water policy, and lack of education have caused serious problems on rivers in the southern Sierra, and now we will all suffer the results of poor water quality, closure of recreation sites, more restrictions, and more violence. The Río Limpio: River Stewardship, Education, and Outreach Program helps keep the Tule and Kern Rivers clean, safe, and open for all to enjoy. This program involves single and multi-day events where volunteers improve and monitor water quality, clear garbage, remove graffiti, reduce the risk of catastrophic fire events, increase the public’s personal responsibility for the river, reduce violence, maintain trails, prevent gang activity, and increase recreational enjoyment.

Since 2008, over 3,000 volunteers have taken part in events throughout the spring and summer to address the immediate need for clean and sanitary river conditions. They have removed thousands of bags of garbage and restored hundreds of sites tagged with graffiti. Research shows keeping areas clean fosters better care. Our short term goal is to help with this need. Our long-term goal is to change the mindset of river users to become more responsible and value our important river resources. Education is critical to the long term success of this project. No one wants to do river cleanups forever. By educating river users on how to be good river stewards, we can reduce the amount of garbage that is left.

Spend a rejuvenating day on the Tule River with us! Community outreach, trash and graffiti removal, macro-invertebrate water quality monitoring, trail maintenance, and ending with a cooling off in the river, free lunch, and free stuff… there is something for everyone.


Special thanks to the U.S. Forest Service, CSET, Keepers of the Kern, Kern River Conservancy, Sierra Nevada Conservancy, Sequoia Recreation, Tulare County Office of Education, Keep California Beautiful, the Dolores Huerta Foundation, Army Corps of Engineers, Tulare County Parks and Recreation, the Rose Foundation, Step-Up, Southern California Edison, and many others.


Past Events