Support for Southern Roadless Areas

This is the latest effort from the southern Sierra GSNM Coalition to gain traction in protecting wilderness....

Re:       Support for Southern Sierra Draft Roadless Areas Proposal

This is the latest effort from the southern Sierra GSNM Coalition to gain traction

Dear Forest Supervisors Gould and Carlson: 

We support the attached proposal to protect roadless lands in the revised forest plans for the Sierra and Sequoia National Forests. This proposal would protect five priority Recommended Wilderness Areas (RWAs) on each forest and also apply a protective Backcountry Management Area (BMA) designation to over 100 additional areas shown in the attached maps and GIS data. We urge you to include this proposal in the preferred alternative in the 2018 Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the revised forest plans Sierra and Sequoia National Forests. 

Protecting roadless lands is a critical planning strategy for maintaining ecological and scenic integrity across the most pristine portions of the landscape. This mixture of designations would effectively protect ecosystems currently underrepresented in the National Wilderness Preservation System, as well as human-powered recreation opportunities across both forests. The conservation community is currently incorporating feedback from other forest stakeholders into the RWA boundaries, which will minimize stakeholder conflict and add collaborative support for these designations

We ask that you take advantage of this once-in-a-generation planning opportunity to ensure that these forests roadless and wilderness values are maintained over the life of the revised plans. 

Thank you.


Sierra Forest Legacy

Friends of the River

California Wilderness Coalition

The Wilderness Society