Giant Sequoia Advocacy and Defense

Our view is that the Giant Sequoia National Monument should be protected and remain under National Monument status, which, with proper funding for the management plan and ecologically-minded stewardship, will protect both the natural heritage of the Sierra Nevada ecosystem and our rural communities from the threat of fire or environmental disaster.

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A Case for Giant Sequoia and Community Protection

The threat of fire is real, but the solution is not to allow private companies to have their way with hundreds of thousands of acres of forest surrounding and interconnected with the Giant Sequoias by removing monument designation. The solution is responsible, sustainable management of the forest, which is very much within reach. The current monument management plan contains all the tools necessary to manage forests for public safety, including prescribed fire and mechanical and hand removal of trees. If our politicians simply allocated adequate resources to the U.S. Forest Service to implement these tools, and provide tourist services such as a visitors center, we would have healthy forests and a healthy economy -- what are what everybody wants. Moving the monument in limbo means less, not more, funding for needed forest management activities. These resources are more likely with National Monument status.



Giant Sequoia National Monument Tour and Public lands Workshop

Come have a gourmet picnic lunch with us at scenic and rarely seen places within the Giant Sequoia National Monument/Sequoia National Forest! Be part of the 1% richest humans and see places that most poor souls will never see.

Lunch provided the regions best restaurants including  Monet's Wine and Bistro located in Exeter, Vintage Press, Nelson Tavern, Frank's at Springville Inn, Pandera. Enjoy free transportation from Porterville and Springville and see what the Monument means to you! We will have a variety of in-flight presentation about public lands, meadow restoration, giant sequoias and more. 

We want to help you fall in love!

We want to show you the amazing features of the GSNM and Sequoia National Forest, both of which are public lands that YOU OWN. These rare places are currently being attacked and threatened to strip critical protection for short term gains to a few. Fortunately you own it and if you own something, chances are you want to see it, right? If you haven't seen the Giant Sequoia National Monument, then step to the front of the line! The monthly monument tours may be your ticket.

Whether a hardcore outdoors person or a first time woodsman, you own these public lands and have the right (and obligation) to protect them.If something you love is threatened, you'll probably want to fight for it. We want to help you fall in love...and fight!