...Re-Wilding the Future starts with the simple act of planting a seed...


Through creativity, problem solving, observation, and connection to the outdoors, youth will change the future of their communities and their lives.

Conservation Projects

16 years of participatory habitat restoration, service learning, and outdoor science projects have given us a rich restoration history that protects and enhances impaired habitat.

Immersed in the Wild

Multi-day outdoor camping and backpacking events that include sessions in habitat restoration, critical thinking, cultural identity, the arts, and adventure sports will immerse participants in a new paradigm.

Río Limpio

Learn about the watershed, clear garbage, and remove graffiti from the Tule River while educating river users on the importance of good stewardship practices.

Sequoia Forest Days

Planting, caring for, and monitoring Giant Sequoia seedlings is an act that plans 3,000 years into the future! We educate, inspire, and provide unique volunteer opportunities to directly enhance the health of existing Sequoia groves.


Whether it’s a holiday, Mother’s Day, birthday, or any day gift you need, this is the one that people will remember you by. Help support the Sequoia program while giving a gift that will last for thousands of years! 

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