WildPlaces is dedicated to the restoration and protection of the wild and rural places of the southern Sierra Nevada. Alongside the people who live, work and play in these landscapes, we take direct action for the long term preservation, health, and sustainability of all natural resources and cultures. Perserving the world-class beauty of the Southern Sierras can only lead to a more awesome world. We invite you to take part with us.

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Occupy the Tule: Free Camping at Upper Coffee Camp, Springville CA

When: September 19-21, 2104

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Learn about our new program to giant plant trees that can live for thousands of years

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Our Programs

Immersed In The Wild

Free outdoor land stewardship programs to engage youth of diverse ages and backgrounds from all of California

Rio Limpio

We reduce the effects of heavy visitor use on the beautifule Tule River

Sequoia Forest Days

WildPlaces gives Giant Sequoia seedlings to mountain communities above Springville California

Oak Propagation

Our educational nursery plants thousands of native Blue and Valley oak acorns collected by local residents

Responsible Growth

Work towards balanced planning fair implementation in the Central Valley and Sierra Nevada foothills regions

River Ridge Ranch

Habitat and rangeland recovery project incorporating hands-on restoration, service learning and public education

Service Learning

Meaningful community service for young people to teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities

Springville Nursery

A joint nursery with the the U.S. Forest Service to propagate native species for restoration and educational purposes