Sequoia Roots Corp:  Introduction and Objectives

WildPlaces introduces the  the Sequoia Roots Restoration Corp, a newly created habitat restoration Corp that creates jobs in the environmental sector and increasing habitat restoration on public lands. Employing 6-8 people of all ages, the Corp implements on-the-ground land and river conservation, stewardship and restoration projects in the southern Sierra Nevada in Tulare, Kern and Fresno Counties. Recent catastrophic wildfires, logging, cattle, and over-use have impacted the Sierra’s diverse flora and fauna while causing sedimentation of rivers and streams and impairment of meadows resulting in decreased river water quality.

With unemployment among young adults in the southern San Joaquin Valley at over 20%, jobs are of paramount concern, without which youth will continue to drop out of school, join gangs, be incarcerated, and fall to the limitations of teen pregnancy. All of these metrics of poverty exist in the regions that WildPlaces’ serves. SRRC is not full or part time positions for this first year.

WildPlaces has created and utilizes this community-based planting and trail maintenance crew as an important part of its capacity development, youth empowerment and increased acres of habitat restored and miles of river repaired. WildPlaces has engaged with Sequoia National Forest and the National Forest Foundation in the planning and funding of projects and training for the Sequoia Roots Restoration Corp (SRRC) that includes Wilderness Ranger Academy, WildLeaders Training, and watershed education training for projects such as tree planting, trail repair and soil erosion management.

Jeffery, sugar, ponderosa pines, Giant sequoia, and incense cedar seedlings are to be planted in the thousands at the Cedar Fire Burn Area. As well, the outdoor experience of the SRRC working in the Sequoia National Forest will be enhanced through trail reconstruction in wildfire burn areas within two Giant sequoia groves where trails have been partially or completely destroyed or have been unmanaged for years. Three miles of destroyed trails are to be reconstructed in the Rough Fire Burn Area within the Monarch Wilderness and one half mile within the Long Meadow Giant sequoia grove at Trail of 100 Giants. We will be selecting 6-8 women and men to carry out these forest health and civic engagement goals plus one supervisor.

Corp members and supervisor attend two paid trainings: WildLeaders training held in May to train SRC and other volunteers in back country logistics, emergency response, risk management, and volunteer management and Wilderness Ranger Academy in June to learn skills in trail repair, tree

planting, Wilderness ethic, and use of non-mechanized tools in designated Wilderness Areas; and training in watershed basics TBD.


· Six selected as paid Corp members from May until September 2017 to carry our forest health and civic engagement goals.

· Conduct WildLeaders Training held in May 2018 to train SRC and other volunteers in back-country logistics, emergency response, risk analysis, and volunteer management.

· Attend Wilderness Ranger Academy for further training in specific skills necessary for conducting work.

· Training will inspire pride and confidence in Nature, leadership development, and teamwork.

· Demonstrate career options in land management and advocacy

· Restore ecosystem resiliency, structure, and diversity on northern Cedar Fire burn area within SFN/Giant Sequoia National Monument (GSNM) by reintroducing native vegetation

· Restore 25-50 acres of wildfire-impacted area restored.

· Plant 2500-3000 Native pine species over three events

· Repair 10 miles of trails within the Monarch and Jeanie Lakes Wilderness Areas. In addition, the Corp will repair trails on the Trail of 100 Giants within GSNM.

· Protect Giant Sequoia Groves along Kanawyer Trail and plant seedlings at the Belknap Grove.


Sequoia Roots Restoration Corp Personnel

7 Members total

1 Supervisor: $22-25/ hour @ 30 hours/month for 3-4 months

6 Corps Member: $18-20/hour @ 28 hours/month for 4 months

On-going selection of members by reaching Mehmet McMillan at

Corp members are encouraged to remain in the Corp for at least two years.