Greetings and thank you for registering for the Two Spirit Gathering, we look forward to having you with us on April 13, 14 and 15th 2018. If you haven't registered, here the information to do so. 

There will be important information in this message. i.e. Liability Waiver and Medical History are required. Complete and return by email or bring it along when you come.

Necessary forms, suggestions and directions are attached.

Please contact us with any unanswered questions: Destiny 559-731-3845

The gathering is primarily a sacred space. For those of you not familiar with a Temazcal it is a native ceremony, traditional Mexica sweat lodge (from Mexico). Participating in the actual ceremony is optional, but being respectful of the space, and of others is mandatory. We will be sure to identify the sacred space, designated areas where there will be prayer and quiet is requested.

The time and space is intended as a safe, spiritual retreat for two spirited people. We all come from indigenous peoples regardless of race, all who seek to connect with Mother Earth on a spiritual level are welcome. Traditional dress and long skirts are encouraged, or you can dress in white with red headband for welcome horse led procession & ceremony on Saturday, we will be taking a group photo. Please be respectful and mindful of dress, language and quiet times.

Families and children are welcome to attend. Anyone under 18 will need a parent or guardian. Please register each person separately. The same contact email could be used for all in your party. Please inform us of groups that will be camping together, and any special needs.  It is important we know how many are in your party, so we may plan accordingly.

Non-Two Spirited allies who wish to support the event are encouraged to contact us. All offered Prayer, labor, donations, guardians and parents will all be received with gratitude.

Participation in any part of the program are optional. You have the option to opt- out of the program and be with nature, but we ask that no one go down to the river alone, without permission or without telling another person.  

As part of the day on Saturday a Danza circle will occur. If you are a Danzante, please indicate if you would like to offer a danza and which one. Please contact Xico for more ceremony details.

Break-out sessions offering workshops and talking circles will also be part of the event.

An altar ceremony will take place on Friday at Sundown. Its design will allow community space, feel free to bring an item to contribute and consider signing up for a specific 24-hour vigil 1- 2 and 4 hour time slots are available. A simple white candle, picture, or personal item are suggested.

This is a free event. Meals will be provided. You are free to bring personal snacks, extra food, or special dietary needs. Please label and store your food in our centrally located common kitchen area. It is best NOT to keep food in tents.

Indigenous dress is encouraged.  Long skirt for both women and men are encouraged. If you are unfamiliar with your native dress, it is suggested to wear all white with red belt or red head band & sandals.


1. Liability Waiver and Medical History are required. Complete and return by email or bring it along when you come.

2. Personal/Suggested Gear List is attached

Camping gear, chair, metal or glass personal water bottle, flash light, trap for under tent, sleeping bag, towel, long sleeved pants and shirts

3. Directions

    Only AT&T network has cell service after you leave the Porterville area, please bring the following directions. Please note: some GPS programs will take you to a different part of Rio Vista.                                    Destiny will be our main contact.  559-731-3845

Address: 37608 Rios Vista Drive, Springville, CA 93265

From Springville: Go through town staying on Hwy 190 and follow sign that says "Camp Nelson". Go for about 1.5 miles beyond that sign and see the "Entering Giant Sequoia National Monument" sign. About 600 feet beyond that , look for sign "Ranch Rio Vista Dr." and take that RIGHT. You will cross the river and make a RIGHT onto Rio Vista Drive (Mountain Road 189). Follow it to the end of the road to a green farm gate. There's a red Airbnb logo sign near gate...That's our driveway. Green gate should be closed, but  not locked, the gate will swing out towards you. Close it behind you and follow the drive through the woods, staying to the RIGHT when you see the drive split. Follow the driveway  towards the house. You will be asked to register, assigned a camping spot, unload your gear, then move your car out of the registration area to the parking area. The gate needs to remain closed, please open and close when you arrive.


Additional Information

The following items are not environmentally friendly. Please do not bring:

  • Plastic water bottles   

  • Styrofoam, or disposables, we will provide dishes & utensils, you can bring napkins or paper towels, although we encourage you to bring your own cloth napkins, and dish towels.     

  • Please no glitter     

  • Store bought flowers;  we encourage potted flower plants that we can later plant.

Suggested offering

Tropical fruit such as (pineapple, mangos, watermelon, papaya) nuts and berries, homemade salsa, and cold salads are the preferred donation, thank you!

If you are familiar with ceremony, your native sage, lavender wildflowers, succulents, tobacco, or other medicine offering is appropriate

If you are not familiar with any indigenous lodge Ceremony, please speak to the welcome person who calls you, i.e. Destiny, or Xico for instruction. Tobacco is always a safe offering for any lodge ceremony.

Financial donations can be made through PayPal: twospirittemazcal@gmail.com  or call XICO 415-254-8447

In addition & friendly reminders:

•     All meals, prayers and ceremony will be called to gather with a conch of three blows.

•    If you want to offer Tobacco to the river you must be accompanied by another person due that river current is                               swift.

•      Please wear all white clothes, red headband and sandals if you don't have regalia for procession and group     photo.

•     Bring photos and white candles for the altar of deceased.

  • Sorry, no dogs allowed at this gathering.