Join WildPlaces and Sponsor Today’s Youth to Become Tomorrow’s Sequoias.

Not everyone gets a chance to ensure the survival of the habitat of the largest trees in the world nor do they often have the opportunity to directly ensure that our youth can visit and take part in place-based learning projects to enhance critical natural habitat. We appeal to you because we know you do not want to be one of those who miss out in helping two valuable resources: our youth and our natural habitat . But now, through our Sponsor-a-Sequoia Youth program, you can do both.

As a sponsor, not only do you help ensure the survival of  unique  plant and animal species, you also make it possible for future generations of people to experience the magic of a Giant sequoia groves, meadows, pristine rivers, oak woodlands, and native grasslands.

WildPlaces works with local, state and federal agencies, foundations, and other non-profits to protect and enrich the ecosystem of the foothills and high Sierra Nevada range through land and river restoration projects that are youth-driven, youth-led, and youth-inspired. Initiatives include river stewardship/outreach, meadow restoration, oak woodland restoration, Giant sequoia education, and more…outreach and enrichment programs to educate people about these special habitats and about the youth leading the way.

WildPlaces brings hundreds of young people from the urban sprawl of Los Angeles, Arvin, Lamont,  Bakersfield, Porterville, Fresno and rural communities throughout the San Joaquin Valley into the woods, most of them for the first time in their lives. These young people return home amazed, changed, and excited about the world outside.

They are inspired to keep wild places wild, and as a sponsor you help make that inspiration possible.


Your donation allows WildPlaces to organize safe and effective place-based projects that are meaningful and critical to ensure an informed future population. Our youth program has three primary components: 1.) a nature ethic piece such as tree planting, river stewardship, and meadow restoration,

2.) Critical thinking exercises that teach youth to be credible witnesses to the issues important in their world—training them to be become active leaders, and 3.) Culture identity experiences that allow youth to see the connection between and within culture and Nature,  creating an atmosphere of peace and nonviolence.

None of this can happen without funding. In a time of diminishing public resources and interest, we must all really think about how we want to invest in the future. WildPlaces proposes that investing in youth and in Giant sequoia plantings are the ultimate long-term investments.
This program is made possible by the unwavering support of our sponsors, including  Foundation for Youth Investment, Bank of the Sierra,  SCE, The Rose Foundation, and members like you.

Won’t you join us by Sponsoring Today’s Youth to Become Tomorrow’s Sequoias?