Springville Nursery


WildPlaces and the U.S. Forest Service work in cooperation at a joint nursery to propagate native species for restoration and educational purposes. The nursery is located at the U.S. Forest Service Work Center in our hometown of Springville, CA.


The nursery was originally constructed by the wildlife staff on the USFS Tule River District to grow native plants used in District restoration projects. However, the required maintenance and upkeep was limiting its use. Through our partnership, the nursery is now being used to its full capacity for a variety of opportunities that benefit WildPlaces, the Forest Service, and most importantly our native landscapes. Joint projects have included a variety of educational opportunities such as growing native oaks to increase awareness of the status of oak woodlands in California and educating private landowners on the benefits of using native drought tolerant plants in a region that is prone to prolonged drought. Habitat restoration projects have included propagation of native plants for riparian corridor and meadow enhancement, and re-establishment of wildlife corridors in areas once cleared for livestock use.

We Grow

  • Giant Sequoia – sequoiadendron giganteum
  • Blue Oak – quercus douglasii
  • Black Oak – quercus kelloggi
  • Valley Oak – quercus lobata
  • Willow – salix lasiolepis
  • Elderberry – sambucus mexicana
  • California Blackberry – rubus ursinus
  • Mountain Goosberry – ribes montigenum
  • Redbud – cercis occidentalis

To find out more about the nursery please contact us at 559.539.5263 or info@wildplaces.net