Sequoia Forest Days


WildPlaces volunteers collected Giant Sequoia seeds from the Long Meadow grove along the Trail of 100 Giants in Giant Sequoia National Monument, and with the help of Cal Native Plant Nursery in Porterville, successfully propagated hundreds of seedlings. WildPlaces has given over 200 Giant Sequoia seedlings to mountain communities above Springville and provided them with information on planting and care of the trees.


The Proclamation establishing the Giant Sequoia National Monument states that “a century of fire suppression has led to an unprecedented failure in sequoia reproduction…” This along with natural and human caused tree mortality has created a need to increase the numbers of seedling in various groves.

Planting Trees

WildPlaces and the U.S. Forest Service have partnered to plant these rare trees in the Giant Sequoia National Monument, educate the public and improve the long term health of existing Sequoia groves. During the summer of 2008 WildPlaces and the U.S. Forest Service hosted volunteer events in the Giant Sequoia National Monument. Volunteers planted Giant Sequoia seedlings, learned about the forest ecosystem, and discovered ways to get involved with issues that affect Giant Sequoias. Youth participants from our Immersed in the Wild program helped lead these events. Planting Giant Sequoias is one of the most powerful ways that communities and individuals can connect with Nature!

Wondering how you can get involved?

Sponsor-a-Giant-Sequoia Program – WildPlaces has created a unique way for you to maintain the giant sequoia population in our national forest and get involved with WildPlaces programs. With our Sponsor-a-Giant-Sequoia program you can support WildPlaces’ work, dedicate a Giant Sequoia to anyone or anything you want and join us this summer to plant seedlings while learning about Giant Sequoia in the Giant Sequoia National Monument – YEAH!