iw-pic-tImmersed in the Wild

Immersed in the Wild are single and multi-day outdoor programs that are free to participants and engages youth of diverse ages, backgrounds and locations throughout CA in stewardship of the land.

riolimpo-pic-tRio Limpio

The Tule River is a beautiful river that needs your help. Heavy visitor use and the actions of a few people have caused serious problems that all river users now face. 

sequoiaforestdays-pic-tSequoia Forest Days

WildPlaces volunteers collected Giant Sequoia seeds from the Long Meadow grove along the Trail of 100 Giants in Giant Sequoia National Monument, and with the help of Cal Native Plant Nursery in Porterville, successfully propagated hundreds of seedlings. WildPlaces has given over 200 Giant Sequoia seedlings to mountain communities above Springville and provided them with information on planting and care of the trees.

oakpropagation-pic-tOak Propagation

Beginning in 2004, WildPlaces volunteers and the U.S. Forest Service have worked together at our shared Springville Nursery to plant thousands of Blue and Valley oak acorns, which were collected by private property owners and residents of the Springville area. The Springville Nursery functions as both an educational opportunity for local students and community members and a functioning native plant nursery.

responsiblegrowth-pic-tResponsible Growth

Development pressures are having dramatic effects on California’s native landscapes. Among the most effected are the central valley and Sierra Nevada foothills regions. Balanced planning and decision-making, along with firm and fair implementation, can help ensure that those changes will be beneficial for residents of all our cities and towns.

riverridgeranch-pic-tRiver Ridge Ranch

WildPlaces and the private landowners of River Ridge Ranch partnered in 2003/4 to create a habitat and rangeland recovery project that incorporates hands-on restoration, service learning and public education.

servicelearning-pic-tService Learning

Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Young people apply academic skills to solving real-world issues which they help identify.

springvillenursery-pic-tSpringville Nursery

WildPlaces and the U.S. Forest Service work in cooperation at a joint nursery to propagate native species for restoration and educational purposes. The nursery is located at the U.S. Forest Service Work Center in our hometown of Springville, CA.