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Two Spirit Gathering and Ceremony

  • In a Private Location (map)
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Two Spirit (also two-spirit or twospirit) is a modern term used to describe certain spiritual people who may also be gay, lesbian, bisexual, and gender-variant. 

"Two Spirit" is not interchangeable with most words currently used in western culture such as LGBTQ, Queer, Gay, etc.  This title differs from most western, mainstream definitions of sexuality and gender identity in that it is not so much about whom one sleeps with, or how one personally identifies; rather, it is a sacred, spiritual and ceremonial role that is recognized and confirmed by the Elders of the Two Spirit's ceremonial community.

Teh third annual 2019 Two Spirit Ceremony is about to happen on the Tule River in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California within the Giant Sequoia National Monument.

Again this is a full event. Very sorry about that but until the infrastructure on the hosting Land can expand its waste management, parking, toilets, etc., we can host 100 participants safely and effectively with a minimal permanent impact on the land. . 

Registration is full for the 2019 event. If registered, you will be directed to receive, review, and complete (where requested).