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Trail of 100 Giants Trail Repair

Trail of 100 Giants Trail Repair

  • Saturday, May 12, 2018
  • 10:00 AM 6:00 PM  

Join us on this one day trail repair and rebuild event as we make the iconic Trail of 100 Giants more accessible, ecologically more sound,  and safer to visitors and friends from around the world. There's something for every age, gender,  and ability...and there is free lunch!

Join WildPlaces and the Sequoia Roots Corp at the Trail of 100 Giants Trail Maintenance Day! Help protect the Giant Sequoia National Monument as attempts to dismantle it by logging interests are happening RIGHT NOW! By taking direct action to improve the trail, you will be showing the world that you care and want to keep all protections of the Monument intact.

Of course the restoration aspect hinges on a broader topic: We are showing the misinformed and greedy (aka. Trumpster administration and local policy wonks) as well as the entire world that dismantling and selling off Mother Nature will not pass. Large, connected habitat is essential for human and non-human survival and logging is absolutely not going to ensure connectivity nor is it going protect us from wildfires! 

Our trail maintenance and meadow restoration projects are on-going in the GSNM where people give their time and money to ensure solid protection. We will show resistance-through-stewardship to bad decisions  through the direct action of boots on the group.

 Trail maintenance work will occur at the Trail of 100 Giants and consist of creating "switch backs", clearing debris, revegetating open spaces, removing noxious plants, and conducting public outreach. Tasks are easy to moderately difficult.

How to Get There:

A van will be leaving 37608 Rio Vista in Springville Ca. We have room for 13.

(PDF Map)You can reach Long Meadow Grove from the San Joaquin Valley Highway 99 by taking State Highway 65 to County Route SM56 east about 20 miles to California Hot Springs. At California Hot Springs continue north and east on County Route SM50 (Parker Pass Road). This highway winds up into the mountains and intersects Western Divide Highway about 2 miles east of Parker Pass Turn left on SM99 to Trail of 100 Giants and Redwood Meadow Campground. Coming out of the Kern Valley, take Mountain 99 (County Route SM99) up the "Upper Kern" river about 20 miles to County Route SM50 near Johnsondale. Stay on SM99 for about 5.5 miles west of Johnsondale is the junction with Western Divide Highway (County Route SM107) near Parker Pass (right). Take Western Divide Highway about 2.0 miles to Redwood Meadow Campground and Trail of 100 Giants.


This gentle trail (6% maximum grade) is paved and suitable for wheel chairs.

                                                               What to Bring:

Close-toed sturdy boots, long pants, hat , sun screen, gloves, picnic lunch, binoculars, plenty of drinking water, cameras/video, costumes, and bikes.

                                                              General Notes:

Nearby Campgrounds: Redwood Meadow Campground (GPS NAD 83: 35.97778, -118.59167)

Elevation: 6,400 feet
Difficulty (hiking):  Easy - 30 minutes
Facilities: Available at Redwood Meadow Campground

Adequate interpretive signs are found throughout. Hiking along the trail through the grove, you'll find mainly old sequoias and many, many felled trees due to beetle infestation. You will view a unique cedar and sequoia tree growing together, and a circle of five sequoias growing together. At each and every turn there are wonders to behold! But don't be discouraged by the condition of much of the groove due to recent haward tree removal. The Trail of 100 Giants looks severally impacted from drought and beetle effecting the associate forest species. 

Weather and Appropriate Gear

 Dry conditions require plenty of hydration (at least one gallon per day). Wear layered clothes, close-toed shoes, long pants, sun protection, and personal water bottle.