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Sequoia Forest Days - Tree Care

  • Belknap CampGround camp nelson, California 190 Camp Nelson, CA, 93208 United States (map)

Sequoia seedlings carefully planted by volunteers earlier in the Spring are now in the heat of summer and experiencing the driest time of the year. While under natural regenerative  conditions after fire, some sequoua seedlings do maange on through summer to become 2,000 year old grandaddies, most fail. Mortality is high...but so are the numbers of seeds dropped by parent trees.

Our seedlings, on the other hand, where hand-planted , not in the millions , but rather in the tens (39 to be exact). We want them to have every chance possible to survive and watering them is one thing we can do.   

Giant sequoias are among the largest and oldest trees in the world, growing only in a narrow band along the western slope of our Sierra Nevada Mountains. The monument preserves half of the remaining sequoia groves on the planet and rare animals.  The Sequoia help with climate as they store more carbon than any other tree. Giant Sequoia trees don’t exist in isolation and require the broader forest ecosystem--which provides canopy cover and water-to survive.  Reducing the boundaries and protections of the monument threatens the survival of theancient groves and the species that rely upon them. (Indeed, a 2001 court decision alreadyfound that 327,000 acres is the ‘smallest area’ it could be to protect the Sequoia groves and other objects of value).