Jennie Lakes Wilderness Orientation

  • Forest Rte 14S21 CA United States

Volunteer's are needed for this multi day backpacking trip through the Jennie Lakes Wilderness area. WildPlaces will be joining Sequoia National Forest's Wilderness ranger, Jeff Duneman in community outreach regarding the leave no trace principles/ethics. Participants are encouraged to communicate with wilderness visitors ensuring them that it is important to follow certain guidelines when living outdoors. It is crucial that all visitors follow Leave No Trace backcountry ethics when camping in these areas so that they are safe, clean and maintained for all current and future users – this campsite is an urgent reminder of the problems associated with trash in our wilderness areas across the country.


Backpacking experience recommended but not required. This is a moderately difficult event requiring 14 + miles of hiking ( in total)  at altitudes that reach ~8,000 ft of elevation.