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POSTPONED DUE TO SNOW Giant Sequoia Seedling Planting

  • Trail of 100 Giants Giant Sequoia National Monument (map)

How many people have had the peak experience of planting one year-old Giant Sequoia seedlings BACK into the mother grove from which the seeds were collected? Outside of the mostly inappropriate locations one finds Giant sequoias in urban landscape design, there are only a handful of those who plant like we do at WildPlaces - through our “Nature Eye”.

“Nature Eye” can be described as the lens through which everyday decisions are made, and based on how and how much the outcomes benefit Nature first, leaving economic, social, even artistic goals secondary. Ouch!


Do you want to be part of the “one percent” who plant these trees and essentially plan 3,000 years into the future? Who wouldn’t?

Here’s your chance! Join WildPlaces on planting weekends atr the iconic Trail of 100 Giants for a winter, weekend campout wherein the “100 Giants” that the Otis College Community has germinated and grown out to become 100 beautiful and perfect Giant Sequoia seedlings. Raised from seeds (cones) collected from the Giant Sequoia National Monument one year ago, these trees are now handed over to WildPlaces for planting, care, and monitoring! at the Trail of 100 Giants.

Space is very limited; however as more funds and resources are raised, WildPlaces will do its best to accompodate everyone in this critical, fun, and once-in-a life time activity.

Feb. 8, 2019 posting:Acclimate weather, recent snow, and mud slides combined with the Trump-induced government shutdown, our plans to access the planting site is under some speculation as of this posting. We will proceed with the planning and it looks something like this:

Friday til Saturday at 9 a.m. - volunteers arrive at WildPlaces Heradquarters (37608 Rio Vista Dr.; Springville, CA 93265. Written directions posted below. Use written dirtections over GPS when arriving in Springville)

Saturday 10 a.m. - depart for Trail of 100 Giants


To sign-up, send an email to and with Sequoia Volunteer” in the subject line. We will send you the registration packet and important weather/road condition information. Some transportation is available ; however volunteers are encouraged to arrange their transportation to join the caravan leaving WildPlaces’s Headquarters in Springville on Friday evening at 2 p.m. and again Saturday morning at 7 a.m.. Snow chains will be required.

Directions from Sville to Mehmet and Chico’s

37608 Rio Vista Dr

Springville, CA 03265




Here are some written directions from Springville. Sometimes the GPS can be a little confusing and we live way off the road. Sooo...

Once into Springville, go through town staying on Hwy 190 and following the sign that says "Camp Nelson" (you are not going to Campo Nelson). Go for about 1.5 miles beyond that sign and see the "Entering Giant Sequoia National Monument" sign. About 300-400 yards beyond that , look for sign "Ranch Rio Vista Dr" and take that RIGHT. You will cross the river on a bridge and make a RIGHT onto Rio Vista Dr (Mountain Road 189). Follow it to the end of the road at a green gate. That's our driveway. Green gate may be closed, but it is not locked. It'll swing out towards you. Close it behind you and follow the long drive through the woods, staying to the RIGHT when you see the drive split. Follow the driveway on to the house. Tule and Buffy are our dogs and will be the first to greet you. Buffy is a little wild so please be patient and know she is not mean , but watch the children and elders for she may jump and cause someone to fall.

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