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Giant Sequoia Seedling Planting

  • belknap Campground California 190 Camp Nelson, CA, 93208 United States (map)

“Planting Giant Sequoia Seedling – A Rare Opportunity “
How many people have had the peak experience of planting one year-old Giant Sequoia seedlings BACK into the mother grove from which the seeds were collected? Outside the mostly inappropriate locations one finds Giant sequoias, there are only a handful of those who plant like we do at WildPlaces. Do you want to be part of the “one percent” who plant these trees and essentially plan for the future- 3,000 years?

Giant Sequoias are the largest living creatures on the planet. They exist naturally in a very finite elevation band along the west slope of the Sierra with 75 plus groves being in the Tulare County. Studies confirm that Sequoias mitigate climate change by holding carbon for 3,000 years and more, reducing the rate and intensity of climate impacts, most notably for Tulare County in the on-going drought. Of course, many other benefits flourish as the groves flourish—habitat for wildlife, prevention of catastrophic fires, and the expansion of our spirits’ imagination.

WildPlaces offers this opportunity for a fourth time (The first three planting occurred at the Trail of 100 Giants in 2010-12 with youth from Dolores Huerta Foundation, Walt Whitman High School, Mongolian Youth Camp, and Burton Pathways.). Three plantings are scheduled along with one year of tree care to ensure survival of each of the 40 seedling. The dates:
• November 26, 2016 from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.
• December 10, 2016
• March 5th 2017

"Planting Sequoiadendron giganteum back in 2010-12 was a life changing experience”, says Ian Herdell, past Program Coordinator for WildPlaces. “It was awesome. But why have so few folks, who practically live in the shadow of these giants, are not better utilizing their power as a tool for self-care?”

“The preservation and education about our Giant Sequoia heritage is everyone's gift from Nature as well as the responsibility we all share”, says Mehmet McMillan, Founder. “As a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization, WildPlaces holds the stewardship of land and water at center of it mission. These Giant sequoia plantings certainly speak to this.”

Space is very limited. To sign-up, send an email to and tell why you think you should be invited to the events. Youth groups and those bringing youth get priority as do those donating to the Sponsor-a-Sequoia Youth fundraiser, which ensures that youth have transportation, guidance from field leaders, safety, and lunch. Donations are tax deductible and will guarantee your spot at the planting. 

WildPlaces is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 project of SEE and envisions a balanced and diverse world ecosystem, where Nature's perfection is left untrammeled and where communities are aware of and take direct action in the long term preservation, health, and sustainability of all natural and wild places where the nexus of culture and environment is fostered and regained-- a nature ethic that will spread locally, regionally, and worldwide.