Thousands of volunteers — young and old, urban and rural, diverse in culture, gender, ability, and economic background — come into the woods with WildPlaces, many for the first time in their lives.

These people who give freely of their time deserve an experience that they can hold for a lifetime. Young people return home amazed, changed, and excited about the world outside. Elders see themselves again as vibrant and strong. Everyone feels the power of Nature as she seeps into their very skin. This is WildPlaces’ responsibility, its role as a gateway into the environment.

We work with every person, every organization, agency, or foundation who sees that a healthy, diverse environment translates into healthy and vibrant communities. The land is the birthplace of everything we are. Enriching the ecosystems of Sierra Nevada is important, timely, and doable through land and river restoration projects like ours where youth are the drive, the lead, and the inspiration for the future.

Providing safe and effective projects is not easy, nor is it free. From outdoor gear to tiny seedlings, transportation of youth to their meals outside. Your dollars count every bit. 

While our foundation partners carry the brunt of this financial responsibility, it is imperative that YOU also help!


Your tax-deductible support is crucial to our program and office funding. Online donations are secure, fast, and easier than ever.

$50 will sponsor two youth on the river for one day
$100 will sponsor one youth in the backcountry for three days
$500 will pay for meals and cook for five youth for four days

Or if you prefer, make checks payable to:

37608 Rio Vista Drive
Springville, California 93265


WildPlaces has  a unique way for you to maintain the Giant Sequoia population in our National Forests while providing youth a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help. Your contribution ensures both the survival of the largest trees in the world and provides our youth with a life-long relationship to Nature.

Dedicate a Giant Sequoia today and honor any person, place or being you wish. In addition,  join us to plant seedlings back into the Mother Grove while learning about these magnificent giants, their impact on climate, and the forests.

$75 will sponsor a youth to attend the planting and provide transportation, equipment, and training as well as tree care for one year. You will receive a sponsorship package that includes personal invitation to the planting, map/GPS coordinates of your tree, the name and growth journal of your tree, plus a Harley Davidson and WildPlaces membership.

$250 includes all of the above plus a fireside Wine and Cheese with the Trees Appreciation Gathering (Date TBD).

WildPlaces is a fiscal project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs