WildLeaders Training

May 13-14, 2017

WildPlaces' staff, new volunteer recruits, and Program Leaders attend this two-day workshop and receive specific site/field training to ensure safety and program impact. Basic first aid, media, communications, volunteer management, and emergency response/risk management are emphasiszed. Held on the Tule River in Springville, particiapants will camp, cook together, and understand WP policy and vision. This is free of charge and all food is provided.

Friday, May 12th

Participants are encouraged to arrive Friday before training. Food will be ready for late arrivals. Camping is free and beautiful at the training site.

Saturday, May 13th

8-9am: Group Prepared Breakfast/Registration

9-9:30am: WildPlaces Overview and the summer calendar

9:30-11:30am: Risk Managment and WP Policy workshop will describe how to handle potentially scary and dangerous field situations, group dynamics, communications and consider what options are available to you as a WildPlaces' leader.

11:30-12:30pm: Lunch and Break to the River

1:00-4:00 pm River Safety/Intro to Swift Water Rescue : Emergency Scenarios will present possible field emergencies to the group and provide opportunity to practice preparedness in a controlled setting for what might happen in a wild setting and on the river.

4:00 pm: Debrief and Free Time


6:30 pm Supper is Provided

Evening Activity: Fire Building Competition

Sunday, May 14th

Fire Ecology and Wildfire Recovery Project Overview.

WP Summer Events Calendar Review and Sign up

Participants are invited to go on a hike or a bike or relax on the river.


The drownings (three now) on Tule River has tarnished the Kern and Tule Rivers' reputations quite a bit and enforcement agencies will close many sites including many of the free sites above and below "The Stairs" that WP has adopted over the years. Prior to the drownings, our position in light of increased use on the river and environmental impacts plus reduced federal budgets was to agree to temporary closure of 1/3 of the sites, allowing WP to oversee the remaining. Now any such discussion about which sites will be closed is out the window.

Now in light of the drownings, WildPlaces will conduct an Introduction to Swift Water Rescue for our volunteers, staff, and the public and will occur on May 13th from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. at the WildLeaders Training in Springville (5/13-14).

See www.wildplaces.net and fb for details and to sign up. Space is limited. THIS IS ONLY AN INTRODUCTION AND CARRIES NO CERTIFICATION UPON COMPLETION.

The WildLeaders Training will also cover basic risk management in field settings, orienteering, and first aid. Cost is free to WildPlaces' volunteers and $10-25 (sliding scale) for all others. Gotta register by reaching Mehmet at 760.447.1702 and mehmet@wildplaces.net.