Two Spirit Gatherings

Two Spirit (also two-spirit or twospirit) is a modern term used to describe certain spiritual people who may also be gay, lesbian, bisexual, and gender-variant.

 "Two Spirit" is not interchangeable with most words currently used in western culture such as LGBTQ, Queer, Gay, etc.  This title differs from most western, mainstream definitions of sexuality and gender identity in that it is not so much about whom one sleeps with, or how one personally identifies; rather, it is a sacred, spiritual and ceremonial role that is recognized and confirmed by the Elders of the Two Spirit's ceremonial community.

A Gathering of Two Spirit People is being organized now to be held on the Tule River in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California within the Giant Sequoia National Monument April 14-16th, 2017. 


Registration is required for this free event. Upon registration, you will be directed to receive, review, and complete (where requested) the following:

  1. Liability Waiver and Medical History are required. Complete and return by email or bring it along when you come.
  2. Guidelines for the Land upon which the event is held.
  3. Personal/Suggested Gear List
  4. Map Directions

The Land

The land is a 12-acre homestead located on both sides of the Tule River at 1,200 feet within the Blue Oak Woodlands in the foothills of the southern Sierra Nevada mountains within the Sequoia National Forest/Giant Sequoia National Monument.

We the peoples of divese tribes are The stewards of this land and we do our best to protect and enhance the natural qualities of it. It is an amazing privately-owned sanctuary and ceremonial place that includes MEXICA Temazcalli , Indigenous Dance, multiple, Talking circles, community leaders training, land and water restoration and stewardship, and camping for those who agree with its philosophy and vision.

The Activties

The Two-Spirit Gathering will include:

  • Temazcalli (or Mexica sweat) Lodge
  • Native dancing such as Danza Azteca
  • Facilitated Breakout sessions, workshops, and Talking Circles
  • Habitat restoration and stewardship project (Giant Sequoia seedling planting) on Sunday morning, 3/15th.
  • Sacred Alter  

The Accomodations

Limited camping is available. Information on BnB and other accomodations are limited but available. Advanced hotel reservation is recommended.

The Volunteer Opportunities

Two Spirit Gathering is on Facebook and is recruiting Two Spirit allies to help in all organizing facets.  Volunteers who are not necessarily participants but rather Two Spirit allies/supporters are needed for logistics, set-up and breakdown. Those volunteers are encouraged to arrive earlier in the week to help with set-up. We  will host and feed you. If you're free during any days in the week prior to the event and/or on event days and want to help, then please inquire...and help to bring our humanity, our lands, and traditions together.

The Sponsors

Two Spirits Ceremony is co-sponsored by Dolores Huerta Foundation, Acadamia Jovenil de Arte y Cultura (AJAC), and WildPlaces.