Founder's Lip 12/7/16

Founder's Lip   
WildPlaces is honored to serve the environment, its wildlife, and its peoples by completing restoration and education projects that help change the mindset of how we see conservation, economics, and progress. For over 15 years now, we have restored meadows, planted trees, cleaned rivers, repaired trails, surveyed forests, planted seeds, conducted unique education and adventure opportunities, and reached thousands, of people in an effort to do what is without question the right thing--protecting and helping Mother Earth and our communities. While we may experience resistance from some who are not convinced that natural resources have critical value, WildPlaces is unwavering in its mission to restore and protect the land, water, and peoples of the southern Sierra. We are on the ground and doing the work that others are still talking about doing. It's that simple.  
Thanks to you all who have participated. We hold your trust and faith in the highest regard. Without you--our volunteers, funders, and members--we would be far less effective. I urge you to keep up your involvement with WildPlaces. Join one of our projects, volunteer at our office, make a generous donation, and most of all keep focused on the restoration of land and people. Please reach me directly so that I can hear your story and share ours.   
Mehmet McMillan, Founder